Thursday, April 12, 2007


This is Owen the Otter...he's cute.

Parents and Teachers

I think communication skills are vital for teachers to have, and blogs can be a tool to help enhance that. As a teacher, I will find it extremely important to keep a some sort of relationship with parents, so that they are aware of how well I am teaching their children, and what it is exactly that I am teaching. I could use blogs to interract with parents, and leave room for comments. By informing them on grades, assignments, and other vital classroom information, I would be illustrating to parents that I do care about communicating with them and helping their children succeed.

Creative Writing and Blogs

While reading literature is very important in an English setting, writing is becoming more and more prevalent in high school. I would use blogs in my classroom to help students exercise their creative writing skills. I could very well require a short story, poem, or other piece of creative writing every week that students can comment on and create. Also, I could use blogs to get students started on writing their thesis on papers. The students could blog their thesis for a certain paper, and I then would be able to check up on progress and be more of a helpful teacher.

Class Information and Blogs

Although many just hand out papers with class information, i think it would be really helpful to use blogs in order to inform my students of assignments and events in class. This way, the students are able to comment and talk to each other about the different assignments. I believe this could cause less confusion, and more interraction would be seen between the students.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

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Educational Blogs

I plan to use blogs when I teach at a High School level, especially in my English classes. I think it would be a really good idea to have blogs for pieces of literature we read, so that everyone can feed off of each other's reflections. I believe there would be a lot more understanding of the text if the students have a tool that helps them express their reactions to the reading assignments.